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General Questions (6)

All you need to know about ArabTesting WebSite.

You can apply the tests on the employees or job applicants, but in this case, it should not be limited to one type of tests (e.g. career interest test) because the information provided by a single test is one of the assumptions sources regarding the individual being evaluated. Therefore, you should not make any therapeutic, counseling, or professional decisions depending only on this information. This information must be merged with other sources of information to reach the therapeutic, counseling, or professional decisions related to this individual. You must go through this decision-making process very carefully because of its significant impact on individual’s life.

The website requires the qualified specialized person on his behalf you order to register at first. Once he is registered, you can access the website and through his account you can submit a purchase order for the needed tests. If you are unable to do the above mentioned steps, you can contact the customer service at 0020233389748, 00201003030211 or through Fax at 002023724073 or e-mail at

The Arab corporation “Arabtesting” encourages using the tests reserved by intellectual property rights in research projects, but we require obtaining a written consent from the corporation. You should know that the corporation does not allow the inclusion ofan entire test or scale in any publication, including theses and dissertations, but it may approve the inclusion of some samples. For more information, please contact the customer service at 0020233389748 – 00201003030211, send a Fax at 002023724073 or e-mail at

The Arab corporation “Arabtesting” is one of the leading publishers of assessment instruments, software, books, and other associated products that are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of professionals in the field of psychology, education, industry, forensic, human resources, and Professional consultancy.

You can purchase your product through the direct contact with the customer service at 002033389748 – 00201003030211, or send a Fax at 002023724073 or e-mail at

Your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be sold or rented in any way. We will use it only to facilitate the online shopping process. The site will recognize you each time you make a visit, thus you will be in no need to re-enter your personal information. Each purchasing order you place will be part of the customer’s history with the Arab corporation. The website also will perform statistics on the number of the site’s visitors and the section that has the largest number of visits. This information is used in the planning and maintenance activities of the site as it helps in improving the service we provide.

Other Questions (5)

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

It is an Egyptian institution founded in 2009 that aims at contributing to the improvement of psychological service in Egypt and the Arab world through preparing and standardizing psychological tests, covering the various psychological areas and providing researchers and psychologists with tests and scales based upon the latest theories of measurement and evaluation. The Corporation also provides technical support and training on using these tests and scales which helps in raising the level of professional practice of measurement and specialists. Thus, the corporation exerts its best efforts to satisfy the needs of wide range of specialists in Psychology, Education, Social service, Psychiatry, and Human resources. The corporation is eager to absorb all trends of assessment without intolerance or discrimination, in addition to preparing and standardizing the measures according to one criterion which is the efficiency of measures.

You can apply the online available tests, however, you should know that your comprehension of the report differs from the comprehension of a specialized professional in psychology, because it contains some cues that need to be interpreted by a trained qualified psychologist.

All the materials posted on the website are reserved by copyright. This also applies on the website information, products, and their components (including the quoted materials from manuals or books). Submitting a purchase order form indicates your approval of these terms and conditions. We own all the registered or unregistered trademarks or trade services that appear on the website. For more information, please contact the customer support service.

The details of each test are posted on the website and there are also printed brochures that provide a general description for every test. The best source to obtain detailed information and psychometric properties about each test is the attached manual with every test. For additional information about the test you want to purchase, please contact our technical support at 0020233389748 – 00201003030211 or send a fax at 002023724073 or e-mail at

Placing an online order using your credit card is just as totally safe as placing the order through phone or send a Fax because The National bank of Egypt is the one responsible for credit cards’ transactions.